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North American 3Rs
Collaborative (NA3RsC)

Our mission is to advance the education and science of refining, reducing
and replacing (the 3Rs) the ethical use of animals in research by:

• raising awareness of current technology
• fostering networks and collaborations
• providing resources to the research community
• connecting veterinarians, animal care staff, and researchers from
  academia, government, and industry

Benefits of Membership
• Access to Virtual Education Community (VEC)
• Receive information on current 3Rs events and webinars
• Support and promote the 3Rs at the national and global levels
• Have a voice in influencing 3Rs policy and decision making
• Opportunity to network and share ideas
• Learn about the latest 3Rs methods and technologies
• Reinforce your institution’s commitment to the 3Rs

A Variety of Membership Options is Available

Individual                                                                             Free
Receive all the benefits described above for just signing up

Individual Supporting                                                         $50-$350
All the above + knowing that you’re a founding supporter of 3R's initiatives
in North America

Institutional                                                                          $1,500
Help to get your institution recognized for their commitment to the 3Rs

Commercial                                                                           $1,800
A special category for our vendor/supplier collaborators to get recognition
for their commitment to the 3R’s + a booth in our Virtual Education
Community (VEC)

Opportunities to Participate through Working Groups
• Governance
• Membership
• Marketing
• Fund Raising
• Academic / Government Relations
• Science & Innovation
• And More…

The NA3RsC is a 501c3 organization with no brick and mortar facilities, so all

donations go directly in supporting the 3Rs functions.

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"The Collaborative is a great new initiative that I know will deliver
scientific and animal welfare benefits. I am really excited about
the possibilities to work together - A trans-Atlantic 3Rs alliance!"
- Dr. Vicky Robinson, Chief Executive, NC3Rs, UK