PhenoTyper is a complete video-based observation system that is used with laboratory rodents. PhenoTyper is a combination of a cage and a top unit with light, sound, and video. Each configuration consists of a bottom plate, four replaceable walls, and a PhenoTyper top unit. Walls are transparent but can be replaced by (partially) opaque/matted walls to reduce reflection. Optional wall attachments are available, such as a feeder (with IR-based feeding monitor), bottle holder (with capacitance-based drinking monitor), pellet dispenser, shelters and CognitionWall (for learning experiments). PhenoTyper is available in two standard sizes with floor areas of 30cm x 30cm or 45cm x 45cm. Custom sizing is also possible. The instrumented top unit contains an infrared sensitive camera with three arrays of infrared LED lights. Light conditions can be adjusted experimentally, as can the single tone for operant conditioning tests, and the white spot light for approach-avoidance behavior testing.

UltraVox XT

UltraVox XT is a software tool that analyzes sound, including ultrasonic vocalizations. The signal is displayed in real-time in a waveform and spectrogram. Frequency range, amplitude, duration, and time gaps are used to determine calls that fit within automated or manually-defined criteria. Calls are then labeled with user-defined names. UltraVox XT provides a report with data, statistics, and spectrograms. It also plays back the recording in an audible (pitch-reduced) range. Data, audio files, and images are easily exportable. The data is fully compatible with EthoVision XT and The Observer XT for further integration of the vocalizations with other behavioral and physiological data.

CatWalk XT

CatWalk XT is a complete solution for the quantitative assessment of footfalls and gait in rodents, validated in research on spinal cord injury, neuropathic pain, arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s, ataxia, traumatic brain injury, and peripheral nerve damage. Footprints are captured while a rat or mouse voluntarily traverses a glass plate towards a goal box. The turn-key system consists of a corridor that directs the free movement of the subject in a straight line, a hardened glass walkway that enables CatWalk XT’s Illuminated Footprints technology, and a high speed (100 fps) color camera for extremely accurate spatial and temporal resolution. With the Illuminated Footprints technology, the software identifies subtle changes within the dimensions, position and timing of each footprint. Over 100 parameters are calculated for qualitative and quantitative analysis of individual footfalls and gait.