Promoting the highest standards of housing, husbandry, and procedures in laboratory animal care.
Stimulating Refinement related knowledge, research, and impactful interactions in North America and beyond.
Rat being pinned during rat tickling


To identify, curate, and promote evidence-based Refinement resources to improve animal welfare and scientific rigor.

Planned deliverables:

  • Develop and implement a survey of the research community to help target what content will be most valuable. This will help us understand needs, species, research, and institutions.
  • Based on the survey results create a virtual hub(s) of resources. We will collaborate with others working in the Refinement space to avoid duplication of efforts, but will link to other key organization pages.
    • Potential resources include: IACUC resources, handouts, videos from North American institutions, virtual courses, etc.
  • Act as a resource/consulting group for institutions that would like an outside review of their research protocols to identify areas of refinement.
  • Highlight refinement champions in our monthly newsletter

Who should join?

Anyone interested in collaborating to curate & create scientifically-based refinement materials

  • Researchers
  • Managers
  • Veterinarians
  • Laboratory technicians/animal caretakers
  • Internal/regulatory decision-makers
  • Animal welfare evaluators
  • Other stakeholders

Working Group Leadership Contact Information

Jennifer McMillan,  jmcmil3 "at"

Melanie Graham,  graha066 "at"