Microphysiological Systems Initiative

We collaborate to increase industry adoption & regulatory acceptance of microphysiological systems.

While animal models have established value to biomedical research, they also have limitations. Microphysiological systems (MPS) hold promise to overcome some of these limitations with the promise of serving as a reduction or replacement.

MPS are an emerging technology that holds the potential to increase translation, efficiency, efficacy, and safety. They could serve as a replacement or reduction for some animal models and become an integral part of drug development. What are MPS? They include tissue models such as spheroids, organoids, and organs-on-chips.

The NA3RsC MPS Initiative is comprised of 79 representatives from 40 institutions, 28 that are providers of commercially-available MPS that are already translated into industry use as well as several end-users. See our current member institutions here. Its principal goal is to increase the adoption of MPS technologies through stakeholder engagement. We also hold representation in the planning of the MPS World Summit.

Our initiative is focused on four main areas shown below.

Conference & Education about MPS Technology

Technology Hub

Interfacing with Pharmaceutical Companies

Regulatory Acceptance

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