Although animal models are beneficial to research, they also have limitations. In part, this is due to the difference in biology between human and animal models. Microphysiology systems (MPS) are an emerging technology that hold potential to increase translation and possibly serve as a replacement or reduction for some animal models. Furthermore, these systems could improve efficiency, efficacy, and safety. MPS includes tissue models such as spheroids, organoids, and organs-on-chips.

The NA3RsC MPS Initiative was established as a centralized, intuitive, and interactive resource for researchers navigating the growing field of MPS. All relevant stakeholders are invited to participate in the Initiative including pharmaceutical companies, commercial MPS developers, academics, regulatory agents and more. The MPS Initiative serves as a platform for continuous data sharing, interaction, and collaboration.

Our Initiative plans to develop a centralized annual meeting, create an online exposition, and facilitate collaboration. Click here for detailed information on our planned deliverables.