Environmental Health Monitoring
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

A key step in switching a facility to environmental health monitoring is developing standard operating procedures (SOPs). These detailed written instructions are critical for helping professionals perform procedures correctly, uniformly, and efficiently. However, writing SOPs and determining the most correct and efficient procedures can be challenging. Therefore NA3RsC’s Rodent Health Monitoring initiative has developed a series of downloadable and editable SOPs for institutions.

Click on the links below to download copies of the relevant SOPs for your institution. Please edit SOPs as needed to reflect the equipment and procedures chosen for use in your facility. Users should also ensure they contact diagnostic laboratories prior to submitting sample to ensure materials and procedures meet current acceptance criteria.

NA3RsC Standard Operating Procedures for Environmental Health Monitoring

  1. Environmental Dust Sampling in IVC Allentown Rack System
  2. Environmental Dust Sampling in IVC Tecniplast Rack System
  3. Static and Ventilated Racks with Cage Level Filtration
  4. Non-invasive Sampling of Colony Animals
  5. Direct Sampling of Equipment for Animal Health Monitoring