Leddy system

Leddy system, a battery-powered, fully programmable IVC lighting control system for standard IVC cages. When used in conjunction with red/black plastic cages, it helps to shift animal circadian rhythm at the IVC cage level.

Rack Environmental Monitoring

Rack Environmental Monitoring (REM) is a device designed to monitor 24/7 animal room environmental parameters. This device, when used in conjunction with the DVC®Analytics platform, allows the researchers to better correlate animal activity data with room environmental parameters to improve research outcome interpretation and enhance the reproducibility of results.

DVC® Analytics

DVC® Analytics is a cloud-based platform designed to support Researchers in exploiting most of the DVC® animal activity data generated from their animals housed in their home cages. It automatically calculates and stores all the validated digital biomarkers, quickly ready to be queried and displayed through different available charts. It has been designed to optimise and speed up the time of experiment analysis.

UltraVox XT

UltraVox XT is a software tool that analyzes sound, including ultrasonic vocalizations. The signal is displayed in real-time in a waveform and spectrogram. Frequency range, amplitude, duration, and time gaps are used to determine calls that fit within automated or manually-defined criteria. Calls are then labeled with user-defined names. UltraVox XT provides a report with data, statistics, and spectrograms. It also plays back the recording in an audible (pitch-reduced) range. Data, audio files, and images are easily exportable. The data is fully compatible with EthoVision XT and The Observer XT for further integration of the vocalizations with other behavioral and physiological data.

DVC® Running Wheel

DVC® Running wheel is designed to be used in conjunction with the DVC® board. It is directly installed inside the standard IVC mouse cage. Thanks to pre-arranged magnets on it, it automatically collects any rotation when it occurs and allows the researcher to continuously monitor this voluntary activity directly from the standard IVC mouse cage avoiding any animal movements into dedicated novel equipment.