Compassion Fatigue Resiliency

NA3RsC’s Compassion Fatigue Initiative and very own Dr. Megan LaFollette have given numerous presentations compassion fatigue resiliency that you can view at your leisure below.

2022 - October - National AALAS Session - Caring for Our People, Caring for Our Animals: NA3RsC's Compassion Fatigue Resiliency Initiative

At National AALAS 2022, five members of NA3RsC’s Compassion Fatigue Initiative gave a deep dive into our compassion fatigue resiliency program with lots of examples and advice for practical use.

Click here for a PDF of the slide deck.

  • Introduction to the NA3RsC & Compassion Fatigue – Dr. Megan LaFollette
  • Establishing a Compassion Fatigue Committee & Getting Leadership Buy-In – Dr. Sally Thomspon-Iritani
  • A Manager’s Role in a Wellness Program – Dr. Vanessa Lee
  • Group Activity Ideas to Build Resiliency – Dr. Rhonda MacAllister
  • Passive Learning Resources – Sarah Thurston

2022 - May - Building Compassion Fatigue Resiliency

In this interactive webinar, NA3RsC’s Program Director, Dr. Megan LaFollette offers a sneak peek at our recently developed Compassion Fatigue Resiliency Starter Pack. She also shares preliminary data from NA3RsC’s longitudinal study on the efficacy of implementing a program. Finally she gives updates on NA3RsC’s other initiatives and how they relate to resiliency.

2022 - February - Tech Week Talk

In this 45 minute talk, Dr. LaFollette describes why compassion fatigue is so common for animal research personnel, what it is, and strategies to promote resiliency for both individuals & institutions. She also discusses how promoting the 3Rs can also improve compassion fatigue resiliency

2020 - August - Research Overview

In this webinar, Dr. Megan LaFollette describes the results from her large scale, cross-sectional survey of 800 animal research personnel and their compassion fatigue.

A similar presentation was given by Dr. Megan LaFollette with commentary on compassion fatigue from Dr. Cindy Buckmaster in April 2020. Co-housed by SUBR & AMP.

2020 - April - Research & Commentary

In this webinar, Dr. Megan LaFollette describes results from her survey. Dr. Cindy Buckmaster also gives commentary and perspectives from the Animal Research field. Co-hosted by SUBR & AMP. Listen here.

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