Artificial Intelligence Initiative

Collaborating to advance use of artificial intelligence technologies in preclinical drug discovery & development

Artificial Intelligence technologies can increase the quality and amount of information gained from both human and animal studies, and offer unique opportunities for scientific advancement. Artificial Intelligence represents an opportunity to complement and, in some cases, reduce reliance on animal models in biomedical research and preclinical drug discovery and development. 

The 3RsC Artificial Intelligence Initiative is a collaboration between technology developers, end-users, regulators, academics, and other stakeholders in the AI space. It provides a venue for productive interaction between key stakeholders in the industry to advance implementation and qualification of artificial intelligence methods. The 3Rs Collaborative is a US-based non-profit focused on advancing better science – for both humans and animals – through facilitating collaborative 3Rs initiatives.

This 3RsC Artificial Intelligence Initiative is launching in mid-2023. Our current primary focus is recruiting the right members to lead this initiative, before opening the group up to wider members. 


Our two current co-leads responsible for launching this initiative are Dr. Szczepan Baran and Dr. Weida Tong. They provide leadership, guidance, and tactical advice for this group.

Szczepan Baran

Chief Scientific Officer, VeriSIM Life

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Weida Tong

Director of Bioinformatics & Biostatistics, FDA’s National Center for Toxicological Research

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  1. Educate and promote artificial intelligence technologies as a critical and versatile technology in pharmaceutical development, increasing predictability and translatability of drug development while contributing to the advancement of 3Rs. 
  2. Identify and address knowledge gaps between technology developers, regulatory agencies and end-users. 
  3. Foster communication within the professional network of stakeholders.



We are currently seeking approximately 10 individuals to participate as founding members of the Artificial Intelligence Initiative. In the future, membership will be open to any relevant individuals who meet our membership criteria.

If you are interested in joining the Artificial Intelligence initiative please send an email with your CV and short statement of interest to . 

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