3Rs Certification Course

We’re collaborating to create a training certificate to improve understanding, recognition, and implementation of the 3Rs.

Specific, standardized, and accessible training in the 3Rs for individuals working with research animals is lacking which creates difficulty in implementing the 3Rs. Therefore, the NA3RsC is creating a 3Rs certification course to accelerate understanding, recognition, and implementation of the 3Rs.

This course will be self-paced, virtual, and interactive. It will be North American centric in concordance with US & Canadian guidelines. Our target audience is anyone new to working with laboratory animals, but it will be applicable to anyone in the field including graduate students, scientists, IACUC members, veterinarians, technicians, etc.. We plan to release the course in early 2022.

Are you interested in helping create this course?

Send a brief statement of interest and your CV/resume to us at contactus@na3rsc.org

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