North American 3Rs Collaborative 2019-2020 Fellowship

The North American 3Rs Collaborative (NA3RsC) is a 501(c)(3) organization founded as a collaborative effort to advance science, innovation and welfare through sharing. The organization aims to:

  • Facilitate communication and sharing among those in North America working to bring transformational solutions that advance science and animal welfare.
  • Provide opportunities for scientists and organizations across the life sciences sector, nationally and internationally, including universities, industry, other research funding sources and regulatory authorities to collaborate.

Current initiatives and workstreams include increasing awareness and use of resources aimed at improving research reproducibility; identifying currently available resources aimed at increasing 3Rs reach in the use of non-human primates; supporting collaboration around complex in vitro models; and developing a hub for translational digital biomarkers.

Work in the 3Rs space requires dedication, collaboration and partnership. Such partnerships are essential for both the development of new 3Rs approaches and their implementation in practice. While the NA3RsC has passionate leadership, those involved in the organization are offering support on a voluntary basis making significant progress and impact challenging. In order to ensure the success of the organization, we are looking for an individual fully committed to our mission and purpose, willing to drive current initiatives to help further strengthen the organization’s foundation while creatively identifying new opportunities which will help to foster growth, reach and ultimately 3Rs impact in North America.


  • PhD scientist, MD, or DVM with a minimum of 3 years post-doctoral experience, graduate level research scientist or professional in the bioethics or scientific communications/policy space with 10 years’ experience in the industry or fields of animal welfare science, in vivo or in vitro preclinical research with passion and interest in 3Rs science;
  • Committed to advancing the 3Rs through facilitating collaboration and sharing of 3Rs efforts for impact;
  • Dedicated to managing scientific programming of the NA3RsC and identifying future opportunities for 3Rs impact;
  • Supportive of animal research and pro-research efforts.

Fellow Responsibilities

The fellow will work closely with NA3RsC leadership to help build the organization’s foundation and brand and will be primarily responsible for managing the scientific programs of the NA3RsC. Activities will include:

  • Manage scientific programs agreed upon by the leadership team
  • Help to expand the NA3RsC brand and increase the organizations social media presence
  • Work with the NA3RsC Operations Administrator to grow the reach of the NA3RsC by maintaining and keeping the website current with ongoing NA3RsC initiatives and resources
  • Spend time working with National Centre for the 3Rs (NC3Rs) Experimental Design & Reporting leadership to learn how to best share the revised ARRIVE guidelines and host training on the Experimental Design Assistant. Identify 5-7 academic programs to work with and host virtual training on the revised ARRIVE guidelines and NC3Rs Experimental Design Assistant
  • Facilitate working group meetings and completion of meeting action items
  • Host an NA3RsC booth at two major scientific meetings
  • Submit a proposal for a seminar or panel for at least two major scientific meetings
  • Support the NA3RsC Operations Administrator with content for monthly newsletters to highlight efforts and accomplishments of the organization
  • Identify novel 3Rs initiatives and work with NC3Rs and LabAnimal to contribute to the 3 Minute 3Rs monthly podcast
  • Submit a minimum of one written contribution on NA3RsC initiatives (i.e. an op-ed, press release, guest blog, or formal publication) to Lab Animal, LAS Pro, or other venue, where appropriate
  • Work with the NA3RsC Operations Administrator to contribute to the expansion and sustainability of the NA3RsC by seeking collaborations with other organizations and identify sources of continued funding and support

Additional Position Details

  • 12-month position with potential for full-time appointment
  • 100% remote/virtual position
  • Travel required - 1-3 times during the 12-month appointment

Application Requirements

Please complete the application form including two referrals (with contact info) as well as upload the following files:

A letter of interest (one page maximum) detailing your reasons for applying should include:

  • Relevant experience
  • Description of how you support animal research, the 3Rs and pro-research efforts
  • A description of your commitment to advancing the 3Rs and how you would facilitate collaboration and sharing of 3Rs efforts
  • A brief description of your plan for unique impact on the NA3RsC organization
  • Additional information you would like to share about yourself and why you are a perfect fit for the position

A curriculum vitae (max 3 pages – please list up to six key publications relevant to this post)

Thank you for your interest in our fellowship position.  This posting will close on October 11, 2019.