In vivo animal models provide valuable information leading to improved understanding of human and animal diseases and development of new medicines, devices, and treatment modalities. While the value of animal models in advancing science and medicines is well established, the scientific community is continually working to identify novel approaches that may lead to improved clinical translation and relevance of animal models.  Further, the scientific community is committed to the 3Rs (replacement, reduction, and refinement), which are rapidly evolving as a part of advancing optimal science and animal welfare.

The NA3RsC has two major work streams where we are seeking participation:

organs-on-chips, in vitro, microphysiological systems
Microphysiological Systems (MPS) Hub
Translational Digital Biomarkers Hub

The MPS Hub will include all commercially-available MPS  being used in drug discovery/development and will focus on models already translated into use.  The goal is to increase the interaction and adoption of MPS technologies, including 3D cell culture assays, spheroids, organoids, tissue-chips, and organs-on-chips to end users.


The Translational Digital Biomarkers Hub will include early stage and commercially available digital biomarker technologies and will engage end-users and those interested in learning more about how these technologies can be used to promote the 3Rs.